Angelena Craig, certified Kripalu instructor, was the founder/director of Beacon Light Yoga of Boston. After nine years in business, offering Yoga to over 3000 students, the studio closed in February, 2006.

Angelena now offers YOGA TO GO, both individual and group classes in yoga studios, homes, for corporations, in elder housing and professional workshops for Yoga Teachers including How to Teach Chair Yoga, How to be a More Creative Teacher, and How to Teach Chakra Yoga.

Special Summer and Early Fall Events

Yoga on the Beach every Saturday
We meet 7:00 - 8:00 am, Parker River Refuge, on the beach by the first parking lot. This is a uniquely peaceful venue in which to practice Yoga. Beginners and those with experience are welcome. Bring a towel; the fee is $10 per drop-in class. We will continue meeting, weather permitting, into Early Fall. Call 978-465-3991 with questions.

Currently available are the following group classes, held at Jennie Lee's Stillness in Motion studio located at 10 Prince St. (off of State, before the library), Newburyport, MA.

* Moderate Kripalu Yoga Classes, Tuesdays, 7:15-8:45PM.
Moderate classes are somewhere between gentle and more athletic. Angelena's style is dancerly/flowing and all her classes include conscious breathing, warmups, asanas, vinyasas, meditation and deep relaxation.

When you sign up and pay in advance for a series, the fee is $14 per class. Drop-ins pay $17 per class and are welcome, where there is space. You are, however, encouraged to commit to a series thereby ensuring that your regular practice will bring all the many benefits of Yoga.

*Introduction to Kripalu Yoga - Thursdays, 7:00-8:30 pm.
This six week series is offered either September 7 to October 12, or October 19 to November 30th (no class Thanksgiving Day).

In this series for beginners of any age, shape or size, or for those students who wish to review, you will systematically learn or relearn all the basic postures (asanas) as well as breathing (pranayama) and relaxation techniques. Classes are small and personal; sign up early.

The fee is $100 for the series and includes Angelena's popular CD, Introduction to Yoga to help you develop a home practice. Invite a friend to join and you can deduct $10.00.

Angelena also offers....

Introduction to Yoga, private classes. These one time, or in a series, sessions may be arranged in the home, office or studio. Appropriate for those who are simply curious about what Yoga can do, or for those who know they should be doing Yoga, but may feel uneasy joining a group.

Yoga on the Beach. A wonderful way to start the weekend, these classes will be held Saturday mornings, 7 to 8AM, starting July 1 and continuing throughout the summer and early fall, except for inclement weather or unusual circumstances. Call 978-465-3991 to make sure the class is happening, and for directions. 

Chair Yoga. Angelena teaches this elder class for Massachusetts Housing and Finance, tenant assistance programs, throughout the area. She is available to teach this class throughout the Greater Boston area to individuals or for organized groups of elders, or those with physical or endurance challenges.

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Yoga works; you just have to do it!

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